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    A few years ago, I posted this message:

    When I select, for a report, “Custom Analysis” and I make some specific change to the current report view settings all other reports will display the same settings.

    If I change to “Single Period Report” all reports are changed to that.

    How can I make a particular view setting for a report “stick” to it?

    I got the following answer.

    Right mouse click on the folder desktop title bar and slect Tools > Script Evaluate and select the following script:

    nv2.exe > object > system > gui > desktop_create.qw_script

    You will be prompted to create for the select folder. Click the Create button to create unique desktop for that report.

    Regards to All,


    I cannot find the file: desktop_create.qw_script


    You do not have to run a script anymore. It has been changed in the newer versions.

    Right click on the report title bar
    you should get a menu called “Report Desktop Menu”
    and select > windows > private setup

    You can do a search in the manual for “private” .
    You will only get about 6 result.
    Select “private window setups”
    It will show you the screens, and how to use it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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