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    One of the enduring features of NV1 was that I could set up a custom analysis, leave the books and have my helper print out the report and then every month my helper could shift the dates up one month and be rest assured the report is exactly what I want.

    Now in NV2, it appears on each workstation I have to create the reports. Is there a means to create the report once and then access from any workstation. I noted in the manual there are two possible approaches to saving column setups:

    – Save all setup data automatically as it changes
    – Work on an internal copy of the setup data, and prompt you to save (save as) when you “leave” to go do something else.

    And that this version uses the first approach. Is there away to use the second approach?


    Hello CKoss,
    The advantages to having separate workstations per user is that each and every user can have their own look and feel to NewViews. But as an administrator, sometimes we want our user to have the same looking reports, or same custom analysis. There are many ways to resolve this situation. The solution I generally use is copying my custom analysis and pasting it into my user’s workstation.

    Here are the steps to perform this solution:
    1) Go into the custom analysis you want to copy and select Window > Copy Table Columns.
    – This will place the columns into the buffer of your computer. Open up a notepad and select edit > paste. As you will see notepad will now contain some gibberish code.
    2) Save the notepad on a “usb memory stick” or any media of your choice and bring it to the user’s workstation.
    3) Once on the user’s workstation open up the notepad file, highlight all the code in that note pad file (Ctrl + a) and copy it from the notepad edit > copy.
    4) Once copied, go into NewViews and go to the custom analysis where you want to paste these columns.
    5) The last step is to paste it by going to Window > Paste Table Columns.

    I like using this situation, because it keeps everyone’s workstation separate. If you don’t mind sharing workstation, you could have simply copied your workstation.nv2 file and replaced your user’s workstation.



    I think probably the easiest is just to help get my helper trained up. We have 30 clients that will be converted over the next year. It would be much easier to teach her to fish once., backup that workstation.nv2 file often. I learned that. I have online backup that picks up files that are changed or created and uploads them immediately. I’ve had to down load that file a couple of times now.

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