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    There are some benefits that are not known before the last payroll of the year is run.

    Auto benefits is one of these.
    I defined benefit 1 for the employee.
    Taxable , CPP but EI exempt.
    I highlighted the last payrun for the year,
    I select to view paychecks in the middle window
    and edit the benefit amount.

    When I print the T4, income box 14 is increased by the amount entered,
    CPP earnings (box 26) shows the original amount before the benefit was entered,
    and box 34 shows the amount of the benefit.

    How do we handle this?

    We have another employer that has the same type of problem with life and medical.
    A flat fee is paid by the employee during the year. the amounts of benefits from employer is not known until after all documents are received from the insurer after Dec 31. A calculation is done and apportioned to each employee at that time.




    Box 34 is supposed to increase Box 14 by the amount you have entered on the Benefit field of the last Paycheck for 2010.

    If you do not want this to occur, set Print > T4 > Slips to display and manually change the T4 displayed in Excel before printing. If you do this, do not XML the T4 Summary to CRA as your reported amounts from the XML will be different from the altered T4.

    Regards to All,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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