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    If I have the cursor on the root folder of Journals, and all the sub-folders/journals show below it, and the indexing is properly set, I can see the union of all transactions in the database… Good. Similarly, if I print out the entire general ledger to Excel, I can see all transactions in the database… also good… However, what seems to be missing, in both cases, is the field that shows the unique transaction identification number (which is created by the database and can never be altered by any user). A Transaction ID Number is also sometimes referred to as a Journal Entry Number, or Posting Sequence Number. The Audit Trail also does not seem to show a transaction ID number. The Ref # is quite different from the transaction ID number, since different sequences and blanks can be used in the Ref # field. Is there a way to show the unique transaction ID number for a transaction in the database? This is very common in many other accounting software programs and an important internal control feature, but it seems to be missing in NV2? Please advise how this can be shown or implemented? If not already done so, please consider this as a new feature in the next update release of NV2. Thank you!


    Hello Eric,

    Can you provide me with an example of A Transaction ID Number used in other systems including why you think it useful. Please email me at

    We have had a few requests for this and it is something we will consider.

    Many Thanks,

    Regards to All,



    Thank you very much indeed for your consideration and implementing this feature so quickly.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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