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    My company is currently trying to start using the Accounts Payable system in NV2. In attempting to set up Vendor accounts in the Accounts Payable area, I can find no place to put each vendors’ account number. We have many vendors with whom we have separate accounts due to multiple locations which are only differentiated by specific account numbers. I also need this account number to print on our checks.

    Is there someplace in Accounts Payable where account numbers can be entered? Thank you for your help.


    Create branch accounts in NewViews > Account > Accounts Payable by clicking on the Accounts button and select Folder Management. From the blue table, right mouse click View > Sorted By > Select Index and choose /description > /interactive. This will sort the Accounts Payable by folders.

    Insert new rows by pressing the insert key. Under Type press F3 to select Folder.

    If the Vendor is United Parcel Service and you have an account by State, you can create the following under Folder Management:

    Line Folder Name Description

    1 FOLDER UPS United Parcel Service

    add other Vendors here.

    Once entered, cursor off the row entered and you will see Unit Parcel Service appear below Accounts Payable as page (as opposed to a folder). Click on the page which will show you a blank blue table. From this table, insert new rows for each state as follows:

    Line Folder Name Description

    1 FILE ALABAMA UPS Alabama
    2 FILE ALASKA UPS Alaska
    3 FILE ARKANSAS UPS Arkansas
    4 FILE ARIZONA UPS Arizona

    etc .. for each state.

    Enter all invoices for UPS in state account.

    Enter the address details in each account numbers Address Field (or select Accounts > Address under Folder Management). I suggest that for now, that you enter the account number under Salutation in the accounts Address table.

    To print the AP checks for the Vendor UPS, use Tools > Pay Account. You will need to modify a check_AP template under c:nv2NV2.Datobjectnewviews and add the following defined name to where you wish to print the account name:


    Save the template under a new name after making your changes.

    Substitute the states above with your actual account numbers for each vendor.

    For more information, see the following from the NewViews 2.14 Manual (Hel > Manual):

    Printing > Document Tables > Naming Cell in Excel
    Setting Up the Books > Adding Sub-Accounts
    Setting Up the Books > Adding Accounts

    Regardst to All,



    Thank you for your input, Martin. I really appreciate it.

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