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NewViews 2.33 Service Pack 3 Released

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NewViews version 2.33.3 is now available.

To download, click here.

This service pack includes the following performance enhancements and behavior changes:

  • Increased speed and reduced memory consumption. We have had substantial success reducing memory requirements on NewViews workstations and servers. As a result, the chance of “blowing” memory on large operations has been significantly reduced. Multiuser performance has also been improved by reducing the amount of network traffic without altering functionality in any way.
  • Assistance with sorting transaction detail tables. Transaction detail item tables can be sorted a variety of ways (e.g. by Line number or Comment), which could cause confusion if a user didn’t realize the sort order had been changed (i.e. by clicking the column header). Now, when you sort this table by something other than Line number, you will be notified and reminded how to re-sort by Line number. In addition, when you move to another transaction, the detail items will be sorted by Line number automatically.
  • Updated prompt for the Go to > Find Column Value command. This prompt now has an additional field that displays the number of items selected. When the prompt is launched, the number of items currently selected is displayed. This value is then updated as matches are found.

The NewViews for Non-Profit Housing edition also includes the following changes:

  • New RGI items created with an effective date in 2018 or later will have updates to the ODSP Basic Needs table, CMHC utility charges/allowances and new utility zones.
  • RGI Calc Summary printouts for users with a long organization names are now formatted in a more pleasing manner.

Several bugs for NewViews 2 and NewViews Non-Profit Housing are also fixed in this release. For a complete list, click the info links on the download page.