NewViews 2.35 Service Pack 2 Released

To download this update for NewViews 2 or NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, click here.

This service pack includes the following:

  • The Windows Service Installer “Uninstall” command is more specific. In prior versions, the Windows Service Installer <Uninstall> dialog button uninstalled all currently running NewViews service hubs (and their affiliated service nodes). With this release, the <Uninstall> button only uninstalls the service named in the dialog. Note that when running multiple service hubs, each must have its own unique name (and port number).
  • Backslashes are no longer allowed in Windows Service Installer file paths.

This service pack also includes a bug fix for NewViews for Non-Profit Housing:

  • For HSA/316 regulations, the prior release incorrectly calculated the subsidy, net rent, and total rent. This release corrects the problem.