NewViews Version 2.34 Available Now

NewViews version 2.34 is now available. To download, click here. The latest enhancements to the program include:

  • Updated 2020 payroll for Canada and the United States
  • New File > Download command
  • Changes to two User Options field names
  • New Block > Sum command
  • Cross posting reconcile
  • Appearance changes/ behavior changes / bug fixes

In addition to the list above, NewViews for Non-Profit Housing provides the following new features:

  • Fiscal year end setting (for utility calculations)
  • Two new commands that enable wait list tracking (both external and internal)
  • Member/tenant address history
  • Purchase and sales order entry (order date and ref #)
  • A new command for importing accounts and transactions from CSV files
  • Mail merge for documents relating to rent charges can display the breakdown of additional charges