NV1 Productivity Disks

Productivity Disk #1
BOOKBALis a diagnostic procedure that determines why a set of NewViews books is out of balance.
PRTTOTALprints a "ledger" for a total account, by combining the ledgers of the posting accounts that total to that account.
CASHPROJenables you to print cash projections for your customer and/or supplier accounts based on the terms that have been specified for those accounts.
CHGACCTallows you to change the name and/or normal balance of an account, even if the account contains transactions and/or purged history.
MOVELEDGmakes it simple to move a block of transactions (or all transactions) from one account to another.
Productivity Disk #2
TRBALprints a traditional style trial balance report. The report can be produced from books that contain a balance sheet and income statement, a general ledger/trial balance report, or all three.
AGEDARprints an aged accounts receivable report with more detail than can be obtained by printing a standard aged accounts receivable report from the analysis view. The report contains up to 6 columns for aging periods and prints either full detail or a summary. Item aging may be based on invoice date or due date.
AGEDAPis similar to AGEDAR, and is used to print an aged accounts payable report.
Productivity Disk #3
BANKRECaids in the reconciliation of bank accounts. You can move through open bank transactions in either date or reference order, reconciling items with user-defined reconcile text.
QWIKCHEKprovides one step entry and printing of simple checks.
PRTLEDGreplaces PRTACCTS/PRTTOTAL with expanded transaction selection capabilities. For example, it provides DOS style pattern matching in account names or descriptions, dollar amount ranges, etc.
BUDGETcopies any amounts from one period to the budget of another, with the option to increase or decrease the amounts by a specified percentage.
PRTLABELprints customer or supplier labels in multiple columns.
Productivity Disk #4
TRFINDis an enhanced find procedure that enables you to locate specific transactions in your books. TRFIND may be run from any report and can be set to find transactions matching simple or extremely complex criteria.
JRPRINTlets you print "paper style" journal reports from any account in your books.
ARAPREPTproduces customer and supplier account history reports.
BANKITEMautomates the recording of bank deposit items and payments to suppliers.
Productivity Disk #5
TOTAUDITprints a report showing the account totalling structure and account balances "behind" any total account for any amount type and date range.
EXPOPENexports the balance (and optional history) of your current NewViews accounts for import into a template set of books.
EXPALLTRis a companion procedure for EXPOPEN. It exports all the transactions from your books for a given date range.
SRcan be run on any NewViews document to search for and replace descriptions, account names, amounts, etc.
Productivity Disk #6
BOOKBALhelps you find out why your books are not in balance. (This is an enhanced version of the BOOKBAL procedure on Productivity Disk #1.)
CHKBALchecks that the books are balanced and reports the results.
CHKREFscans a block of ledger items searching for missing or duplicated reference numbers.
TPLEDITmakes the editing of printing templates as easy as possible.
Productivity Disk #7
As of January 1, 2007, all Canadian cheques must comply with new rules instituted by The Canadian Payments Association (CPA). Productivity Disk #7 (PD7) allows you to comply with these rules.
SETUPCis a "setup" procedure with which you choose the date and amount styles to be used on checks.
PRTPAY & PRTCHKSare new versions of the check printing procedures, updated to print dates and amounts in the style chosen in SETUPC.
TemplatesSeveral check templates are included that are CPA Compliant.