Resolving TeamViewer Conflicts

Our Tech Support team provides remote support for NV2 and NewViews for Non-Profit Housing using TeamViewer version 12 (released 2017). This version is bundled with all NewViews installations.

If your organization uses a newer version of TeamViewer (e.g. version 13, released 2018), you will experience a conflict when trying to connect to one of our support reps. This conflict can easily be resolved for the duration of the support session by following the steps outlined below.

Temporarily Disabling a Newer Version of TeamViewer
  • To launch the Task Manager, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] at the same time.
  • Select Start Task Manager.

  • Once the Task Manager appears on your screen, switch to the Processes tab.

  • Sort the list of processes alphabetically by clicking on the Image Name header.

  • Look for TeamViewer.exe in the list. To end the process, highlight TeamViewer.exe, then right click and select End Process. If there is more than one instance of a TeamViewer process, they must all be ended.

  • If there is a TeamViewer process that cannot be ended, there’s a good chance that TeamViewer is running as a service. In that case, you have to disable the service as well.
  • Switch from the Processes tab to the Services tab.

  • Sort the list of services alphabetically by clicking on the Name header.

  • Look for TeamViewer in the list. To  stop the service, highlight TeamViewer, then right click and select Stop Service.

  • Now you can run the NewViews version of TeamViewer. Open your NewViews workstation and navigate to Help > TeamViewer Support using the menu bar.

  • Once NewViews’ TeamViewer appears on your screen, share the ID number with the support representative to establish a remote connection.

  • To re-enable your version of TeamViewer once the support session is done, access your Windows Start Menu and click on TeamViewer.