We Build Relationships with our Customers

At QW Page Associates, we have a deep commitment to our customers. We feel this is reflected in the fact that many of them have continued to rely on NewViews software to meet their bookkeeping and financial reporting needs through the years. It’s not unusual for customers to call our Customer Service or Technical Support line and speak with someone who not only knows them, but who is familiar with their unique setup and requirements.

The other day we received a heart-warming email from a bookkeeper who had used NewViews from the time it was first released in the mid-80’s, up until her retirement. With her permission, we would like to share a few excerpts, as it demonstrates just how much we value our customers, and how they feel about us in return.

Jean Baulch of Facts & Figures writes: “I began studying bookkeeping in the ’80s – and on reading about your then new program, decided it was for me. I attended your classes and went to your conventions (I still have a T-shirt I got at one of them). I used this program for several clients when I went into business for myself… I also did a couple of years bookkeeping for the church (as you know they treat their Assets differently, but I had no problems). I am now 86 (87 in April) and, of course I’m retired… I sometimes wish I still worked with you – I enjoyed every minute of it. Anyway, just keep on with it – I know you must be doing well.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jean and all our loyal users. We look forward to being your accounting software of choice for many years to come.