Working Remotely with NewViews Software

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Remote access to your data has always been a feature offered by NewViews. Any NewViews workstation on a computer with internet access can open a remote database (set of books) by specifying a server and then selecting from the list of databases offered by that server. The server can be specified using an IP address or domain name.

Example of a NewViews workstation set up for user SMITH to remotely access two sets of books offered by a NewViews server at IP address

We offer a data hosting service, which is the easiest solution for gaining remote access to your books from any physical location. When you sign up for this service, we upload your database(s) to a NewViews server housed in a secure data facility and provide you with the IP address to use to access your books. This service is billed monthly and you can cancel at any time.

As each NewViews download includes everything you need to set up both a NewViews workstation and a NewViews server, you can also choose to self-host your databases in a private cloud. Setup can be complex, depending on the configuration of your computer and peripheral devices. In most cases, the computer you want to use as a NewViews server will have a dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP addresses change over time, making it impossible to use a single specific IP address to locate the NewViews Server over the internet. You will have to contact your internet service provider and find out if you can obtain a static IP address (often available at a charge). In addition, you will need to know how to access and configure your router to use port forwarding. Once these issues have been addressed, complete setup instructions can be found in the NewViews 2 and NewViews NPH User Guides, in the section The NewViews Server. If you require assistance, our technical support team can walk you through the process using TeamViewer (please note that a valid NewViews Support Plan or paid consultation is required).

As mentioned above, you need a NewViews workstation installed on a computer (desktop or laptop) with internet access in order to access books on a NewViews server. If you only need remote access for a short period of time, we offer a provision under which you can transfer your NewViews workstation registration to a backup computer (e.g. a home computer or laptop) and use that workstation instead of your regular workstation. You will need to be running the current version of NewViews to access to this option and it is limited to one backup computer registration per customer.

If you have questions about NewViews and working remotely, one of our experts would be happy to provide answers. If you have a NewViews Support Plan, please dial 905-946-9460 and press 1 for Technical Support. Otherwise, you can reach Customer Service by pressing 0.