You can review on how to convert NV1 books (The DOS version of NewViews) to NV2 (The Windows version of NewViews) from the following URL address:


Review the link to Appendix C – NV1 Users to obtain detailed instructions on how to convert NV1 data to NV2.

In regards to printing, review the following link to get your NV1 program to print to your USB printer:


If you cannot get the above link to work, there are other third party printing programs that may help you. They are:


Search for DOS printing to windows / USB printers using your favourite search engine to obtain details of the third party printing programs available to you.

NV2 can help you achieve the tasks you need to perform in a window GUI (Graphical User Interface) environment. If you have any questions, please email info@qwpage.com.

Regards to All,