NVEXPORT requires extra space in the NV1 books to perform the tasks to export to the file NV1_NV2, hence the error message “Books have reached their maximum size. When performing a task like NVEXPORT or FILLCOL of accounts to move to another report, NV1 creates a safe point from which to recover if a problem is encountered.

To free up space within your NV1 books:

1. Check the notes view of report documents that contain text imported (/Block Import) from previous years. Removing the text in the notes view of reports, accounts, distributions etc can help you free up enough space within the NV1 books to complete the NVEXPORT.

2. Remove all of the Printers in the PRN document. Block Export (or PUTPRINS) to a directory before deleting the Printers.

3. Remove procedures and templates that contain large amounts of text and NPL code from the procedure view.

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