Further to my post earlier, I’m learning.

I set up HP2200 to be my shared printer.

I found my computer name, which is WKO
I ran the command >net use HP2200 \WKOHP2200 /PERSISTENT:YES
The command completed successfully

command> net share (provides following response)
Share name Resource Remark
C$ C: Default share
print $ C:windowssystem32spooldrivers Printer Drivers
IPC$ Remote IPC
ADMIN$ c:windows Remote Admin
Public c:usersPublic
HP2200 DOT4_001 Spooled HP Laserjet2200
Send to OneNote 2007 Send to Microsoft OneN Spooled Send to OneNote 2007
The command completed successfully

command >net use (provides the following)
New Connections will bne remembered
Status Local Remote Network
_____________ ___________________ ______________ _______________
OK LPT1 \WKOHP2200 Microsoft Windows Network
The Command completed successfully.

But When I try to print in NewViews, I get the response:
Error: Printer Busy or not selected

I’ve tested the printer in DOS using the EDIT progam. I can open a batch file And the batch file prints out fine.

Any suggestions?