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    Is there an external USB to Parallel Adapter Cable that will allow me to print from a NV1 on a new Dell 1400 laptop with no parallel port onto an older hp LaserJet 4L printer which uses a LPT1 format?

    The fellow who converted my files from my old to new laptop thought all I need was a cable with Connector Types

    1 – USB A Male
    1 – DB25 Female

    It seems from this forum, that there’s more to it than this.T

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Glenn McInnes


    It is a nice idea but I have not come accross anyone who tried and it worked for them.

    Your best bet is the following URL:




    Hi Glenn

    If you computer has a network card or is on a network you could try this adapter

    It is network to parallel.
    If you are not on a network you could use a crossover cable but you would have to set IP addresses manually.

    Also many internet routers/hubs do have this feature built-in.

    Good luck

    Also for everyone that has had problems setting up their usb printers with the lpt share solution, I have found that on my Win XP system it will not except the “net use lpt1” command if the computer is not connected to a network.

    Something as simple as having it connected to a cable modem will make it work.



    I’ve installed several parallel cards and all worked fine. One card would not install as LPT1 but LPT3 but that just meant changing the / P O to LPT3.


    Here is another solution for you if you have a spare PCMCIA slot

    I find it a bit expensive at $120.00 but there may be different ones available from other suppliers


    The DOS2USB software does good with me except for one hangup. On any account line just before an underline, that account number moves out one column to the right when printed. I tried all different print codes but it does it every time. Any ideas?

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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