NewViews 2.34 Service Pack 10 on Hold

IMPORTANT! NewViews 2.34.10 (service pack 10) is temporarily on hold while we investigate an issue. You can still download version 2.34.9 (service pack 9) if required. Please check back here for updates.

If you have already installed service pack 10 and are experiencing any problems, please contact Technical Support for assistance.

This service pack includes the following:

  • July 2021 payroll update (required by users in New Brunswick (Canada) and Alabama (United States).
  • Bug fixes for a variety of issues.

This service pack also includes updates/behaviour changes for NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, including:

  • Updated utilities tables for 2021 (five utility zones were renamed, and propane was removed from the list of possible energy sources)
  • The default rent for HSA RGI items was increased from $129 to $131
  • The HSA Calc Summary format has been changed to present the arithmetic more clearly