NewViews 2.34 Service Pack 11 Released

To download this update for NewViews 2 or NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, click here.

This service pack includes the following:

  • July 2021 payroll update (required by users in New Brunswick (Canada) and Alabama (United States).
  • Bug fixes for a variety of issues.

This service pack also includes updates/behaviour changes for NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, including:

  • Updated utilities tables for 2021 (five utility zones were renamed, and propane was removed from the list of possible energy sources)
  • The default rent for HSA RGI items was increased from $129 to $131
  • The following updates to FCHI2 have been incorporated (effective October 1, 2021):
    • The minimum rent calculation has changed
    • The shelter component of social assistance is now adjusted by the new 2021 Service Allowances table values
    • There are changes when an occupant’s income affects the social assistance benefits of other occupants
    • Utilities tables for all provinces are updated
  • The HSA Calc Summary format has been changed to present the arithmetic more clearly