NewViews 2.35 Service Pack 5 Released

To download this update for NewViews 2 or NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, click here.

This service pack includes:

  • July 2022 Payroll update – Canadian payroll users in British Columbia and New Brunswick require this version to process payroll after July 1st, 2022.
  • Internal improvements were made to the underlying file system. These improvements may speed up certain operations such as traversing items in a table window.
  • A number of maintenance and stability updates are in this release, one being noteworthy. The error “Called empty command with args odb_get” was common but extremely difficult to find. Several visual inspections of the code, and tests, failed to find anything wrong. Finally, an example that could be reproduced happened, and the cause was fixed.

This service pack also includes the following updates for NewViews NPH:

  • Updated tables (e.g. utilities, basic needs, etc.) and rules for all RGI types.
  • A more formal approach to versions of RGI calculations. In addition to having the freshest code for calculations, prior version code is kept as well. The RGI Effective Date governs the version that is chosen. An empty date means the use the freshest. Effective dates that land in a prior period will use the rules and tables in effect at that time. This makes it easier to process prior rules and tables and to transition from one to the next.
  • An error in the FCHI2 shelter adjustment amount relating to electricity has been fixed, and an error in the FCHI2 and HSA minimum rent amount has been fixed.