Notice Regarding Canadian Payroll Tax Tables for 2022


We are currently in the final phase of testing NewViews version 2.35, which will include updated payroll for 2022. Our office will be closed on December 24 and December 27 for the holidays, and we expect to release version 2.35 sometime between December 28 and December 30. Please monitor your inbox for the release notice during that time.


The CRA is unusually late this year releasing the T4127 document that provides the 2022 payroll deduction formulas.

A preliminary version of the T4127 is normally released on or about November 15th of each year, but as of December 9 we have still not received it, nor do we have a release date from the CRA.

We are in regular contact with the CRA regarding the T4127 and will be ready to release an update for NewViews that includes the updated tax tables for 2022 payroll as soon as we receive the required information.