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NewViews 2.32 Service Pack 2 Released

This release only impacts NewViews for Non-Profit Housing users, who should install it at their earliest convenience. NV2 users can choose to skip this release. To download this update, click here. This service pack fixes the following bugs in the NewViews for Non-Profit Housing edition: If household income for a unit exceeds market rent, negative […]

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NewViews version 2.32 released

NewViews version 2.32 is now available. To download, click here. To see a short demo of two great new features provided in this version – Print Journal Transactions and Pin Default View – please watch the short video below. Note that this version also includes updated US Payroll for 2018. In addition to the two new […]

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NewViews 2.31 Service Pack 3 Released
This is a security and stability update.

NewViews version 2.31 service pack 3 in now available. This service pack includes the following: Block close balance forward script Connection monitor displays megabytes. Several Problems/Bug FixesThe NewViews service could silently hang and not restart. Investigation revealed that the service could hang when the service port (usually 7890) was accessed by an unauthorized outside entity, […]