Hello Everyone,

I can produce the problem in #1 above and it is a problem in 2.14.4 as well. The solution Kristie has suggested is a correct one for now. I’ll put this problem on the programmers desks to solve for the next update to NV2.

Some suggestions I have for the swap issue in #2 are to open the System Properties (right mouse click My Computer > Properties or Control Panel and double click on System) and select System Restore. If checked, uncheck it. Every one should be backing up their important programs and files to more than one trusted media source. Click on the Remote tab and uncheck Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance. Click the Advanced tab and select Performance > Settings. Under Visual Performance select Adjust for Best Performance and on the window below check the last two options

Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop
Use Visual styles on windows and buttons

Lastly, click the Advanced tab and select Virtual Memory > Change. Click Custom and enter the recommended under Total paging file size for all drives in the Initial Size and Maximum size.

Regards to all,