Having used NV1 since 1986, it was second nature for me to use the slash keyboard shortcuts and my custom templates for various chores. But NV1 was not very user friendly and if you needed custom npl programming it could drive you crazy. The lack of modern printer support also was a pain. Running a DOS program under windows xp is not the best thing either. I patiently awaited NV2. Finally it’s here and the first problem I have is with conversion. I kept getting an error because of a line in one of my payroll report files. I have a city tax = to none for a employee under 18 years old. I sent the conversion log file to Martin and he sent back a way to fix it. I converted again. This time It worked but I couldn’t pay bills. Back to the documentation. Oh, I forgot to run “ATYPE” on my files. So I convert again. Now everything is running.

NV2 has a lot of nice features. I can use all of my 19” monitor to see a lot more information at one time than in NV1. Some things work the same as NV1. I like the sort feature on the column heads, (except you can’t sort on all columns as you can in excel). I’ve played around with the custom analysis and it works well but it’s not intuitive. I keep wanting to go to the column header to make changes. The excel templates are very useful and easy to change to your needs. I have already made my own custom statement and check templates. The function key f3 is useful but it only works on certain columns. I would like to add my own edit assists to it when it’s on “Reference” or “Description”.

Overall I would say it’s too early yet to make any sort of judgment. There is always a learning curve with new software. The time savers like block copy and past with the save and pick have to be redone, and I am still trying to stop my finger from going to the “slash” key. I wish more people would post their experiences here so we could help each other. I will continue to post my impressions and wish list in the hope of improving user functionality and ease of use.