Wish I could help more but I am still learning the in’s and out’s of NV2. It looks like the export funtion isn’t ready yet. In NV1 you could print to a “dif” file and then open it with excel.

I’m just an individual user with a lot of software experince. I’ve been a beta tester for a lot of differnt software (but not NV2) and always provide my feedback in the hopes that the developer will improve it. I would suggest you continue in trial mode until you have all your questions answered and feel comfortable with the functionality. NV2 is a little quirky in that it doen’t strickly follow the windows shema. The right mouse click doesn’t work as you would expect in a windows program. It brings up a large menu which is not totaly useful. (choose “export” and “casework” and it will bring up an “under construction message”.) In my opinion the right mouse click should only bring up the relavent choices depending on where you are. They seem to have used the bed sheet approach. The “Search Help” function is very limited. It’s not easy to find out how to do things. ( I opened a details window and couldn’t find out how to close it. No “-” block to minimize the window. I finally found by trial and error that I had to max the window above.) I would say that in these areas this is still like a beta release and not ready for prime time.

They promissed that you could customize with an open source programing language Tcl. Well here’s another learning curve. We need a guide to doing this, as there was for using NPL with NV1. It would be nice to see some examples of code to do different things and how to intigrate this with NV2. Again I would say that the documentation is certainly beta.

Frank Mucklo