The Import / Export procedures run correctly – it is by design, that if there is something in the notes view, of the last account / item imported – then the view remains in the NOTES. If the Last item to be imported has no notes – then you will remain on the Ledger View.

For example – if you look at the notes view of any Account, jump to / go to any next account – you’re still on the notes view. This also is the same for any Distribution View D or N.

This is by design – and not a bug.

Copy the following code into an FKEY – procedure and it will correct the view for any location to a NOT Notes View. Or you can download “aView.zip” containing this code from (it will be removed in a few weeks)



! This procedure is supplied free of charge by
! Programmers Group D Eholnikof, cc – Copyright 2004
! AND can be redistributed with out charge or cost.

! IF the cursor is on A NOTE VIEW – then it will change
! If called by an other Procedure – it will restore any
! variables that were used. April 22, 2004

@save 0
@save 1
@declare Docu 0
@declare View 1

~er ! force any updates
@docu Docu ! Doc Type – Where are
@view View ! What View?
@if=$ View,”N” ! Yes, some notes view
@if=$ Docu,”HOME” @then ~dv “H” . @end ! HOME
@if=$ Docu,”REPT” @then ~dv “S” . @end ! REPORTS
@if=$ Docu,”ACCT” @then ~dv “L” . @end ! ACCOUNTS
@if=$ Docu,”DIST” @then ~dv “D” . @end ! DISTRUBTIONS

@if=$ Docu,”OE” @then ~dv “O” . @end ! ODDS & ENDS
@if=$ Docu,”PRNS” @then ~dv “P” . @end ! PRINTER LIST
@if=$ Docu,”PRIN” @then ~dv “P” . @end ! A PRINTER
@if=$ Docu,”PRCS” @then ~dv “P” . @end ! PROCEDURE LIST
@if=$ Docu,”PROC” @then ~dv “P” . @end ! A PROCEDURE



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