Thanks, I’ll try it. The other items was the code. ie:20050601 for Jun 1, 2005. By increasing the number with every transaction and you have 2000 items on the statement, your last number will be 2005062000. Next month you start with 20050701 and carry on.

When you make a mistake and have reconciled 50 items since the last sub-total on the statement how do you find the error. In nv1 we switched to the XR view (which sorted by the code , we used 2050601, 2050602,etc changing the code with each sub-total) and went to the last or previous reconciled balance. The error was from that point down.

In nv2 using the example above if you sort by the reconcile column I’m not sure if items will be sorted correctly, ie: will 20050701 be behind 2005062000?

The other problem is in nv2 with a different code for each item reconciled, you don’t have a clear idea of the Reconcile points as we did with nv1 (in nv1 we only changed the code at a sub-total which matched).