Thanks for the information, we tried this solution(moving the workstation) and were not successful. We have just this week encountered the same problem on a different set of books. This time we are not able to enter or recover, or view any information from the bank, regardless of where you are, the error has even appeared on the General Ledger when we tried to view the bank, as soon as you click on a cell or a view, all cells show “error”. We are not able to reconcile the client’s bank. We had just entered 3 months of data,and two months of payroll and are very concerned about the integrity of this set of books. When all of our books were converted from NV1, there were no errors, and all conversions went smoothly. We have been using the earlier versions of NV2, and had no troubles until we installed the 2.09 and had to decompress our DOS compressed files. We have approx 50 sets of books that we manage, and we are quite concerned that this could happen in any of our other books. We are hoping that you can help us correct the current problem, as well as enlighten us on how this happened in the first place. At this point, we are contemplating creating a new set of books, but then we would not have the history available, which is important to the client, and the lost time involved is wreaking havoc on our budget. Our faith is waning!
Thanks for your help