We are long-term NV1 users & have done some truly remarkable things in report configuration for in-house clients over the many years (as I am sure many of you have). The frustrations we have with the excruciatingly slow roll-out of NV2 is similar to that reflected in the frustration in the various posts above – confusing GUI, steep learning curve, speed issues & certainly report generation. Multi-user is not a requirement for our bookkeeping service. I have been told that there is substantial unreleased code in NV2 relating to other features, yet report writing to produce simple publishable statements never seemed to cross anyone’s mind at QWP.

Unfortunately, I do not take heart with the current pace of NV2 development & the lack of a marketing plan that reaches out to accounting professionals outside of ON. In QC, we have additional issues with language, appropriate training materials in French & the fact that accounting students coming out of the local colleges & technical schools, and regional accountants, have never heard of NV1 or 2.

We had used Wordperfect & Quatro-Pro for years before we were forced by the MS juggernaut to convert to Office, since everyone else in the field was using Office. I have reached that same tipping point with NV2 & we are now looking closely at Acomba – heavily installed in QC (75k users), good research team, good technology across the board – Accountant’s Suite 495$ all modules in + gold support, multi-user, unlimited nbr of office users & clients. We would bail on our payroll software at the same time, so I am looking at a net annual outlay of 225$. I know there will be some limitations in how far out there we can get with this software in terms of report config., but every CV I look at from students to experienced bookkeepers includes Acomba training.

Additionally, if I ever wish to sell this practice, I need to have each service area sufficiently anchored to solid software. Another accountant walking in here would make short work of NV1. I had hoped that by 2008 we would have long-installed NV2, had worked out the bugs and had substantial experience accrued in our staff, but after a 1-month testing 2 yrs ago, the consensus was unanimous that NV2 was not for us; I have not seen or read anything since that time to convince me that enough has been done in the interim to get us back into testing. I really wish that were not the case ‘cuz this sure reads like my swan-song…

Dennis Glezos