Randy Walton

I have to agree with Art!

You guys are TOUGH!

I have used NV1 since 1985 and NV2 starting 2 months after it was released. Yes there is a learning curve but should we expect less!

Yes conversions take some time but when they are completed you have daily resolution of data. I personally couldn’t ask for more – unless it was per second resolution of data ;-) (Oh yes – there is actually per second resolution of data – WOW) I have a client with a custom analysis report that shows only transactions made between 10 pm and 12 am!

And the multi-user capabilities are amazing – I am able to help clients around the country from the comfort of my office while I am viewing their books as they give me permission.

As far as importing – I am importing data from a point of sale system into NV2. It is not a documented feature but it is there – if you are willing to put some time and effort in.

Bottom line for me – NV2 is a grown up version of NV-DOS. It is more of an ERP system that can now play with the big boys. But as you all know ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning – think SAGE or Great Plains) systems take time, training, and effort to make the best use of them.

We all appreciated NV-DOS because we could twist it and make it do what we personally needed it to do. Well, let me say that I am doing more with NV2 than I was ever able to do in NV-DOS. Custom anaylsis reports that resemble an excel spreadsheet tracking a Google AdWord campaign showing number of impressions, click thru rates,etc, etc and etc.

And it is only going to get better because that is the proven track record of QW Page – and NO I do not work for them.

Remember, don’t complain, just…