The latest version of NV2 (2.09) does not require that you decompress your transactions if you need to run Payroll. You should decompress your transactions if you currently have compressed transactions (as opposed to leaving them). See the NewViews 2.0 Manual Appendix C – NV1 Users > Converting NV1 to NV2 > Decompressing Transactions for detailed information on how to decompress transactions.

If you log into your books as the administrator then you already have your options set. To view your settings, click the System folder > User > Your user name (see your workstation table for your user name) and click the User’s button > Access Rights for a complete listing of the rights.

When decompressing transactions, you must be in single user or in other words you need to open the books directly from your workstion (server field is blank). See the NewVIews 2.0 Mnaual > The Workstation > Opening Databases with Single User Access for more information.