Ok, I get it now.

In the version 2.08 I had created reports and sub-reports. But the “Top” report – The “yellow table” contained accounts. I liked that structure. Each level of my report was a summary of the reports below.

What I did now, to “fix” the problem was to create a new “sub-report” and moved the accounts contained in the “yellow table” to that report.

But I really find that very unfortunate I lost this feature of summary reports by levels.

Actually, I find these updates annoying. The few people I know who use NewViews are still reluctant to totally switch to the Windows version. Their problem comes with the interface. And I do agree it is awkward. It took me a while myself to get used to it. And then, “bang”, major changes. We do not use accounting packages for fun. People have a business to run. Once we are comfortable with the software and we have established a set of routines and a structure we like, we do not like to throw it away and start all over. In my case I also had to contend with various issues. The main one has been the language. I had been using the DOS version for 15 years. I used to write my text lines with “accents”. Of course the conversion to nv2 left me with bizarre looking text lines, which I am still rewriting when needed. But then, I could not print cheques or invoices, because my Excel is french. You claim it was fixed but it still does not work for me. I just gave up and I am printing my cheques and invoices with other software. So, I hope you do not have any major changes in mind for the future. As you can see I am not too happy so far.