Sorry, but I am not saying “do not improve the program” – I am saying “do not RECREATE the program”. Specially when some features we are getting used to disappear. This is the kind of thing that Microsoft likes doing. In my mind, the changes should always be backward compatible. As some people I know, have pointed out. This program seems to be in “beta stage”. It is like it was not yet ready for release. Not everyone is a computer “guru”. NewViews is used by a lot of small companies without IT departments. I have been using computers long enough and seen enough users to understand that people in general are not ready for drastic changes. Plus, people in general use and understand very little about what is really going on “behind the scene”. If NewViews is to be for the “Elite” then go ahead and play; but I am not sure this is going to be very successful in the long run. Accounting is a very “static” domain, in many ways. NewViews has always been seen as an “odd” accounting software. So I think a more stable (or smoother) development curve is suitable.