One of the journal accounts specified in Journals under NVEXPORT totals to an account called CASH on the Balance Sheet.

You can do one of two things:

1. Move the offending journal account off of your journal. To do this change the report name under Rep from JR (if your journal report is called JR) to another report in your books. You could create an account called NON-JR in your books and
move this journal account from JR to NON-JR.

2. Unhook the total to on this journal account from totaling to the account called CASH on your Balance Sheet.

Run NVEXPORT again.



Below is help from the NV2 online manual about this subject.

Journal X totals to account Y on non-journal report Z

The journal specified has been totaled to an account that is not on the journal report. In NV1, a journal should always have a zero balance; therefore totaling a journal to an account elsewhere in the books does not make any sense.

If the journal balance is zero (for all history periods), remove the total-to. This will have no effect on the rest of the books.

If the journal balance is not zero, it is quite likely that the account is not in fact a journal, and therefore should be moved off of the journal report.