With effort – I am unable to re-create your problem as you describe. Using the Shell, nvReorg, or DOS I had no problems in anyplace with the Feb 29, 2004 date. Again, I would suggest checking the CMOS of your computer(s) for the correct current dates. Perhaps you need to re-install NV program files?

As for the Feb 28, 2004 – read the rules. It will never work. But the fact, that it doesn’t work – indicates the calendar functions are working correctly.

Oh-by-the-way the Shell “Make Books” does require
“Fiscal Year End Date for new books (DDMMYYYY): 29022004”


TThibodeau wrote:
> I should have said when using the newviews shell “make books”. This was reported to me by a client. I have tried it on 2 computers with the same result.
> At the make books date prompt
> Feb 28 2004 gives a nvreorg (6) error
> Feb 29 2004 it just stays at the prompt.
> It seems that ” MAKE BOOKS” from the shell does not see leap years
> but nvreorg which actually makes the books does and reports the error.