Interesting problem – and you certainly found a work-a-round ! I tried the same thing – but had no problem with Feb 29, 2004. The year end rule is, and I quote

“The [Current Fiscal Year-End] on the Odds & Ends document is the
date on which the current fiscal year ends. Your fiscal year can
end on the last day of any month. “

So I would suggest you look at your CMOS Computer date. Sounds like it maybe incorrect, but is being “adjusted” by windows to the current date. (when your computer starts, and you can do “Delete” to enter the setup – in this place) – this might cause the problem.


TThibodeau wrote:
> Has any one tried to create books for Feb 2004? If you try 29 02 2004 you get an invalid date message. 28 02 2004 does not respond at all.

> The only way I found was to create for 2003 and then move it
> forward one year.
> Has someone tried this and had other weird result ?
> Could this date cause problems in the future ?
> Thomas Thibodeau
> dihedral@eastlink.ca