Hi Martin. I’m stuck at home today with a variety of home repair contractors, so all I can do is read the correspondence. Yes, I was using the “workstation” choice from within the “start” menu, I haven’t gotten as far as creating any new icons, shortcuts, or such.

I’ll be happy to download the newest version, and it looks like I should plan on waiting until the one you mention might be posted today goes up.

Will I need to reregister?

Glad to hear that there’s a new version of the license–I just hope it will be something my employer can ascribe to. (Not suggesting that we won’t abide by whatever we agreed to for the test instance, but if the terms remain as they were, we may not be able to move to NV2 in production.)

–Jack Love
MSchappler wrote:

> Jack
> There is another NV2 installation you can download from our web
> site which includes an updated NV2 license agreement. Later
> today, there should service pack 2 on our web site to download
> (I suspect you running the first NV2 download = Service pack
> 0). Service pack 1 was available for download last Monday.
> Are you clicking on workstation within NewViews 2.0 from the
> windows start menu? If you had copied the NV2 workstation icon
> to your desktop, review the icon properties from the
> workstation desktop icon with the workstation icon within
> NewViews 2.0 – I thinking they are different.
> Regards,
> Martin