We are looking at upgrading to NV2, which in our case will entail a number of hardware upgrades. Our questions at this point are:

1. Is NV2 compatible under AMD, and are there any considerations besides sufficient horsepower.

2. Under a 7 user topology, what is the required server to support all users concurrently, using thin clients (dumb terminals—no hard disk).

3. Under our current implementation (NV1), it appears that the data is downloaded to the user workstation, all computing and updating done on the client, and then the resultant data files are updated to the server.
How can we confirm that this is what is happening.

4. Under NV2, how do we configure so that the data processing and updating is all done by the server, with the client only providing the application and GUI layers.

5. Is the configuration different for NV1.

6. Has any studies or benchmarking been conducted to determine the user productivity changes between NV1 and NV2.

7. The ‘strongly recommended’ workstation configuration is 1gb RAM, with the minimum being 512 mb. What are the determining factors that necessitate 1 gb—is # of accounts, # of companies, types of transactions, # of G/L accounts….

8. Can we use Norton Ghost to create a master workstation, create a back-up and then restore to each of the other workstations so that every workstation has one complete and common image.

Thank you