Hey, I’m not always the sharpest tack in the box
So let me see if I get this right,

Only a server can open remote databases?
Only a server licence can open any books in multi-user?

However, the server can open any remote set of books?
Regardless of the serial number? (of course providing you have the correct user-name and password, eh?) ?

Regardless of my Licence Count, even if its one !
I can open as many books as I want con-currently, remote or otherwise – from my one workstation?

So from my workstation (or my server station, which one or both?) I could open all of my 20 clients books – concurrently; even with my one licence?


JPeters wrote:
> There is no predefined limit to the number of databases that a
> workstation can have open simultaneously. Furthermore these
> databases can be any combinations of local databases opened
> with single user access and remote databases opened with
> multi-user access through a server.

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