David asked:
I can open as many books as I want con-currently, remote or otherwise – from my one workstation?


An NV2 server is an NV2 program running on any Windows 2000/XP computer. There is nothing special about the computer used to run the server. The server can be configured to offer access to any database in its directory system. The server can offer simultaneous access to any number of databases.

An NV2 workstation is an NV2 program running on any Windows 2000/XP computer. Again, there are no special requirements for the computer used. A workstation can open and access any number of databases simultaneously. A workstation opens a local database by selecting a directory from its own directory system. A workstation opens a remote database by specifying a server and then selecting from the list of databases offered by that server. There are only two differences between opening local and remote databases:

A local database is automatically opened with single-user access and a remote database is automatically opened with multi-user access.

When opening a remote database, the server has to be identified. This is done using either an IP (Internet address such as 192.168.555.555), or a computer name, i.e. the domain name of the server computer, also sometimes referred to as a URL.

The above information is copied from our manual, “The Server”, Basic Architecture. Please read the entire section.

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