Yes, some are ‘follish’. I remember when Windows ’95 came out – the lineups to get it the first day, the acrobats rappelling down the CN tower, all the fuss …

Then came the fallout. The NV users that immediately switched their computer to Windows 95 – with no testing or escape strategy – then freaked when something didn’t work – and just *had* to get going that minute. History repeated itself several more times – with Windows ’98, NT, ME, 2000, & XP. In the long run Windows got more stable and running NV on it became easier and easier, and not one ‘bug’ ever appeared in NV that required changing one byte of code. (The current DOS NV was compiled in 1993. Yup, 1993.)

So forgive my cynisym here – but I’ve seen this all before.

Now to address your questions:

> Does NV2 convert easily to Vista?

There’s no conversion required. As Martin stated on the 15th, NV2 is a 32-bit program; it will (does) run on Vista.

> NV2 has the ability to use 64 bit technology but at what cost to the client.

Sorry, but I don’t understand that one.

> I have two clients that are ready to convert to NV2 from
> NV and one will require having this knowledge for proposals
> to their Executive. They will probably also need your skills
> Bob on some custom software.

Why wouldn’t they simply use/buy a ‘current’ computer that is Vista ready and run XP on it? Then, in the future they can switch to Vista when it’s been ‘vetted’ by the public, and there are a couple of service packs available.

> Is QW Page saying that it will be ??? years until they are
> ready to convert to Vista?

Again, there is no conversion required. The 32-bit NV2 will run on Vista.

> These clients have been patiently waiting for NV2…
> now how long for them to be able to use Vista.

From what I understand, there’s nothing to wait for.

> I have been in Future Shop and the advertising is heavy.

It will have to be – from what I’ve read there is no compelling reason for anybody to run out and convert to Vista right away.

If a business does have some application they simply must run on Vista, then it’s gotta be something pretty bleeding edge – and in my opinion should be on a separate system than their accounting data.

Now, please note, these are *my* opinions and not Q.W.Page’s. If I have said anything that is incorrect I want them to jump in and tell us.


Bob Halpin