I’m the “IT” guy for our small business. The 2 people that used to ‘share’ the NV1 computer took the NV2 courses at QW Page. They had a bit of a learning curve, but not an awful lot.

Not much different from NV1. We needed training on that initially, and had a programmer/trainer here for quite some time.

The worst part of the entire exercise was trying to convert the books on our own. Once we found the right help with that (thanks again Bob) it was all pretty easy. He also came in here for a morning or two, and got us up and running.

We’re running 3 workstations and a server, and it doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance. I always dreaded the old “NV crashed” call on my phone.

The users have acclimatized nicely, and other than a couple of minor upgrade problems with versions that may have been released a bit too early, it’s been painless.

In short, a bit of pain for a lot of gain. No more USB printer problems for one.