I’ve seen and used NV2 and though impressed, still prefer NV1.

I cannot get NV2 to provide the ease of use, flexibility of setup, the ability to make changes to a set of books, speed of data entry and error free processing of NV1.

I’ve suggested many changes and upgrades for NV1 which would make it even better, but unfortunalely all of QW’s staff time is dedicated to the completion of NV2.

I know they have listened to my concerns but they say the improvements will be incorporated into NV2 (but at this time no major changes to NV1).

I’m missing the logic because they already have a great product and super staff. I’m sure that if they allocated 2-3 months they could take NV1 from great to just about unbeatable (which I believe it is already but does need some improvements).

With the exception of payroll updates I have not seen any improvements to NV1 since Prod 6 was released, was that 1987 or 1998?