Greetings RR Johnson,

I was in the precise situation as you. Then I DID retire last year, and now I use NV to keep track of my share trading and our day to day living expenses ( originally used to run the expenditure side of my Veterinary practice).

I STILL find it unbelievably intuitive to use, but is that similar to why “Wordstar” took many years to be overtaken by MS “Word” ??

I have no problems using NV1 with XP home edition. I run NV in a full screen window. But I still have problems printing reports to my HP deskjet 950c, despite downloading the latest printing update. The ONLY reason I would go with NV2 is the ease and flexibility of printing.

I will be in Calgary end of August – does QW have any displays of NV2 there (1 month before schedule realease, HoHo HoHo )

Phil Creagh, Narooma, Australia