Archaic or not, one of NV’s very strong points – is to be able to copy / create any existing accounting requirements. Something that even the larger accounting system have difficulty to do.

And through the brilliance of QW Page, or Microsoft (perhaps both) – NV continues to run in or out of windows. DOS (acronym for Disk Operating System) will not go away for next several years. It is an “underlying” requirement for all Windows Computer Operating Systems.

If perchance, QW Page closes – those depending on Payroll would have problems – but there are other products that can provide payroll too. There are no other NV product that I know of, where releases are “time dependant” such as payroll.

Like you, I enjoy the simplicity and ease of use for NV1 to perform complex tasks.

But I’m betting that many NV1 users would like to have the same, only in multi-user. And so we have been developing independently of QW Page, just that. At this point we are able to have all the transactions working in a multi-user version, back linked to a set of NV books. The problem remaining – are still the procedures. Not withstanding, cost is also a large question for the smaller users. My version and NV2 are not “in-expensive”