Q. Is there a way to Append a printed report in the same fashion as was availabable in NV1?

A. No, but this is something that could be added. The only caveat is that a separate sheet would be required as the column layout of the appended report may be totally different from the 1st, so the results would be messy.

Q. Is it possible to specify which sheet on an existing file the report will be printed to?

A. No, but anything is possible down the road.

Q. I am trying to figure out a way to preserve all the formatting each time I send a report to a file.

A. The next build will include the option to specify a ‘template’ for printing reports (all tables, actually.) The template will (of course) not be able to control the column contents, but it will allow you to specify the fonts for the title rows, column titles, and the body of the report. And it will give you control over H/V centering and page margins.