The type does get a little bit small !! But for it to work, it really is a very hardware dependant solution. And actually worked well with all the EGA Monitors – but . . . .

With some of the Matrox Video cards, I’ve had good luck and can see all the 7 columns (132 chars wide) of a report or a notes view. But finding the right card is no longer so simple. I still have an older Matrox G2 Card which supports EGA fonts, from an external load. But this card has only 16mb on board, and my newer card has 128. Needless to say, which one is much more fast !!


HMah wrote:

> I tried David’s suggestion on one of my computers and it did
> not work, but you may have better success depending upon your
> video card.
> However, I do not believe you will be able to see ALL seven
> columns in NV at one time. The best you can do is set the
> #columns to see the areas you need at a particular time.

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