Randy Walton

Hi David,

It is kind of obscure. NV2 now uses journals and subjournals. Subjournals can have the Next Ref # set. I am assuming you are entering items in a bank account under Account in the NV2 Explorer. In the postings explorer view of the bank account set the journal to default to BP (Bank Payments subjournal). To do this type BP and then Enter, Hold the Ctrl key and press K, then W to set BP as the default journal for this bank account. Then Under Journal in the NV2 Explorer tree expand the Bank journal by clicking on the +. Expand the Payment journal by clicking on the +. You should see the Bank Payments subjournal. Now click on the Payment Journal folder. On the right hand pane you are probably looking at the Transactions Explorer. In any case at the top left corner of the right hand pane click on the drop down to Select Window. Choose Sub Journals, you should see a line item with BP, Bank Payments, etc. Under the Next Ref # column enter the next cheque number you want to show up automatically. Now go back to the bank account under Account, Bank, etc. and in the postings explorer when you insert a new line it will have the next ref # or you can enter all your cheques in the Bank Payments subjournal with the same result.