Ok, we’ll add a mechanism to specify an alternate backup path to the next build. (That will probably be on May 30.)

Until then, if you are following the reccommended converions strategy (ie: converting the books multiple times, etc.) have you tried compressing all but the current year or two?

A question about your post of May 12 in which you say:

“To make the RAMDISK work, it must be three times the size of the converted books plus have room for the data to be converted.”

If I do the math, you’re saying the space required is four times the size of the result. Hmmm, I’m thinking it should be slightly less than three:

1 – The database that’s being built
2 – Room for the database recovery file
(Up to maybe 75% of the current database size)
3 – The intermediate backup

How do you get four?

Bob Halpin