Moving old vendors accounts from NewViews > Account > Accounts Payable to NewViews > Account > Account Payable > To a new Sub Folder cannot currently be done in an elegant manner. The tools to perform a drag and drop in NV2 are not available yet. It is possible to move them by performing the following:

1. Create the sub folder in your NewViews > Account > Accounts Payable from the the Sub Accounts table (click the window select button).

2. Create the new account in the sub folder. For example, lets call this new account OLDBELLAP. Follow suit with the total to’s like the original account.

3. In the orginal accounts (BELLAP for example) postings explorer, issue ALT BA (Block All) and change the account name from BELLAP to OLDBELLAP and then right mouse click Tools > Fill Column. If you receive an error about a transaction that is reconciled then change the Reconcile Safety to Off in System > User > Your User Name > Options table. Go back and perform the Tools > Fill Column again to complete the task.

This method (currently the only one) is not elegant. The tools to drag and drop accounts from NewViews > Account > Accounts Payable to NewViews > Account > Accounts Payable > New Sub Folder will be developed and be released in a future update of NV2. This method works for a few accounts but can become very tedious if your objective is to move hundreds or thousands of accounts.

Also note that the Audit Trail will grow significantly if you use this method.

Ultimately, your two options are to use this method or wait for the drag and drop feature to become available.