Adjust the paper size of the template in Excel. Open the template nebs_check_9005_cpa.xls and click File > Page Setup. From this Page Setup Window select an appropriate paper size. Once selected, click File > Save or Save As and use this template when printing checks.

If the appropriate paper size does not exist, create one by clicking the windows start button > Settings > Printers and Faxes (also can be found in the Control Panel) and when the Printers and Faxes window appears click File > Server Properties. From the Forms tab, define your paper size. Use the name you have created in the Page Setup of the template above.

If the printer you are printing to is on a network, go to that machine and create the above Form. You need Administrator access if you are creating the Form via network machine.

THe template nebs_check_9005.cpa.xls is for Payroll and Bank Check printing. For Accounts Payable/Vendors use nebs_check_ap_9005_cpa.xls.